Checklists are the most common, and easiest to use, tools in any quality management system. CHECKITx is the best of these systems, and is linked to ISO 9001 at the clause level. As a result, CHECKITx can be used as the basis for building a simple but powerful QMS.

The CHECKITx system includes free templates for creating a Practice Quality Manual and a Project Quality Plan. See Chapter 4.4 of Managing Quality in Architecture for a description of how these tools can help you ensure quality output without spending a lot of time and money.

CHECKITx is divided into two sets of checklists: CORE and MORE. The CORE set contains 29 checklists every architect should use on most projects requiring full services. The MORE set is an extra 43 checklists that cover a range of issues faced by current design firms, including environmental design, BIM, and consultant coordination.

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