AIS in 2006

The first edition of MQIA introduced a cartoon strip, our leitmotif – the story of the office of Vern Ackler, Les Izmore and Clea Shay. Their story chronicled the course of a very important project for their firm.

They had recently completed a re-branding exercise to try to get away from being treated as a ‘commodity’ and to open up some new lines of business. They now call themselves AIS Space Architects (hoping to pick up some interior design commissions), and they had invested in a snazzy new website.

As their story opened, a wealthy Asian investor saw their website (top of the Google list of returns) and gave them the job of designing the toilet block for his new space station. There was a catch – they had to produce a certifiable quality management plan by the end of the design phase. Their story is how they overcame many problems to achieve a successful outcome – and a happy client.