Managing Quality in Architecture

The three books by Charles Nelson AIA LFRAIA on Managing Quality in Architecture are the global definitive works on the subject. As the International Standard for Quality has evolved over the past quarter century, he and a number of the best thinkers on the topic have updated their work to connect the updated Quality Standard with evolving design processes.

MQIA Contributors

Who are the guest authors who have contributed to Managing Quality in Architecture Second Edition? Find out here!

References 2018 Edition

Many of the contributors prepared detailed papers that thoroughly covered their often complex topics. Many of these had to cut back significantly to their core concepts to fit within the publisher’s limits for the book. Here, you can read their complete papers, as well as a number of other quality-related documents described in the text. Thanks to Bob Marshall: @flowchainsensei – for borrowing his apt drawing.

References 2006 Edition

Most, but not all, of the topics the 2006 edition of Managing Quality in Architecture are further developed in the 2018 edition. Here are links to all those that were not brought forward – due to retirement of the contributors or other reasons.

The Next Big Wave

 MQIA Editor Charles Nelson searches through six decades of experience in architecture to define the profession’s current situation, and what we need to do to “Catch the next big wave”.