Pamela Anderson-Brulé

President, Anderson-Brulé Architects

See Pamela’s MQIA Chapter 3.2: ABA Case Study update

Pamela Anderson-Brulé is a founder and the president of Anderson Brulé Architects, Inc. Her career has been dedicated to creating an architectural design process that considers the holistic approach to achieving all of her clients’ vision for how they live, work, play, and thrive. She believes that truly exceptional architecture balances the human, social, economic and environmental needs of individuals and sustains the community in which it is created.

Pamela’s postgraduate studies in business management have augmented her strong belief and emphasis in team building and expectation development. Her expertise is in facilitating public and private clients through pre-project planning and visioning, all requiring a deep understanding of the necessary steps of designing buildings with the functional needs of her clients, aligning to time and budget.

She has gained recognition for her work with private, public and non-profit clientele, preparing them in undertaking complex planning and building projects. She is a careful communicator that believes in an inclusive and meaningful process whether for a large community project or an individual home.

Pamela enjoys travel, cooking and time with her children and grandchild. Her favorite past time is drawing and painting when not doing architecture. She also enjoys her community volunteer work.