Cheryl Payne

CEO, Resilience Group Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia

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Cheryl is an executive business coach accredited to the highest level with an excellent track record of coaching executives to achieve their business and personal outcomes.

Over more than two decades she has worked with some of Australia’s most high-powered CEOs, senior executives and business leaders, helping them become more powerful leaders, make better decisions and achieve outstanding results.

Cheryl has had over 10,000 hours’ coaching experience and one of the most significant insights she has gained is this: a leader rarely achieves truly great things if their work feels more like busy-ness than business.

As the CEO of the Resilience Group, Cheryl specialises in helping her clients to build their capacity. Her role is not to tell people what to do, but to help them examine their own practices, uncover their strengths and weaknesses, and to unravel the thinking behind their actions. The focus is always on making room for what’s really important in her clients’ professional lives and dispensing with what has lost, or never had, value.

As Cheryl’s client, you can expect to be challenged and to think about your practice in an entirely new way. There will be honest discussion, challenging questions, and an expectation that you’ll be an active participant in your own improvement. You will develop a more resilient mindset and become more capable of enduring professional obstacles. You will become more determined to improve than ever before.

Cheryl’s career history includes working with an extensive range of clients including ANZ Bank, CSL, Pentair, Weir Minerals and many small to medium businesses in manufacturing, retail and professional services.